Thursday, April 2, 2009

Information on the 9/11 CIA Agents and US Official Ignored

United States :
It is interesting that when attending WPUNJ in Wayne, NJ, I took a class entitled ‘Social Deviance’ by a probation officer whose name is, Barbara Danko working still in Paterson NJ USA.

It just so happened that Ms. Danko who taught this class to me at WPUNJ was the same probation officer not allowing me visitation rights to see my children for over ten years treating me like a murderer.

What is interesting is I wrote a term paper for her class warning WPUNJ of the eminent dangers of their insecure computer lab facilities. In my term paper, I warned WPUNJ about not clearly identifying persons coming and going from their computer lab more carefully. I said if student employees didn’t sufficiently identify all persons walking into the computer lab, one day some horrible crime will occur there; it did on 9/11!

Oone of the 9/11 Al Qaeda agents actively attacking the World Trade Center Towers bought his ticket at WPUNJ by merely strolling into the insecure computer sciences facilities.

Barbara Danko gave me a poor grade on the aforementioned paper of C- and an also less than adequate grade in the class overall. Although I graduated Cum Laude with a 3.57 GPA, her grade damaged my GPA.

Inquiring minds want to know why Ms. Danko? You’ve also played a continuously active role in destroying my family forever! You get an F for a professor in my book !

Also during my studies at WPUNJ I called the FBI and State Department in Washington DC one evening after hearing an radical Islamist Fundamentalist say to me he wanted to bomb the college in Wayne NJ for reasons I cannot recall now. On break, I made the phone call desperate to report this to the US Authorities who ignored me and hung-up the telephone after I called several times thinking I was just a crazy student!

Thereafter, when I want to report Al Qaeda activity if any around the Paterson, NJ area where some 9/11 attackers existed, I think twice because no one listens to me! After the authorities ignored me when I want to report suspicious Al Qaeda activity in Paterson NJ I think twice since I think Home Security will ignore me.

Darko and I actually investigated Al Qaeda activities in Paterson NJ.

After I went to the pain doctor with Darko in Passaic County NJ, we went to an Islamic pharmacy in Paterson NJ to fill my prescription w/ Darko and we saw Al Qeda posters in the place asking for support and money for Osama bin Laden. I went to the Pain Center of North Jersey in Passaic NJ onMain Avenue where there are Albanian and Pakastani doctors.

Darko and I wanted desperately to report this information to United States security personnel but because Bill Clinton was demonizing the Serbian people no one listened to us!

Could 9/11 been prevented? Your comments are welcome.

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