Thursday, April 23, 2009

Interneral Affairs Official Bill Sorchinki in West Milford Confirmed My Life Was Endangered In Reference TO Harry Shortway After House Incident

Soon after Harry Shortway , West Milford Detective) placed an add in the local newspaper attempting to met me and kill me as stated in my blog. William Sorchinki came and picked me up in his undercover police car in Pompton Lakes NJ and brought me to an undercover federal warehouse filled with federal agents in Pompton Lakes NJ USA for questioning on the matter. Sorchinski confirmed in this federal meeting (I can show anyone where this secret federal warehouse is in Pompton Lakes NJ), he told me under no uncertain terms because of my relationship with Detective Harry Shortway my life was in danger and I was to have no further contact with Harry who told me himself he may end up in jail over this entire incident. My two children are witnesses to this matter of fact.

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